Hope some can help.

In the LEED 2009 version you had to enter the energy consumption for the different measured systems from the Whole building simulation in ordre to see in the future if these values wass equal to the actual measured values. This was mostly to compare if the calculated energy consumption values (ventilation, lighting, etc.) = actual measured values. 

In LEED v4, is it correctly understood that the Building-level metering and Advanced Metering have replaced the M&V plan for LEED v2009? And is there nowhere in LEED v4, where the actual energy consumption per meter have to be compared to the actual value measured?

Basically - if we have 1500 meters installed in the building - is it ever a requirement to find the energy consumption PR METER in the Whole building simulation in order to later compare it to the actual measured values during the Commissioning phase? And what if we "only" have the required LEED meters instlled - would we then have to extract the energy consumption per meter form the whole building simulation, or is it enough with have then grouped as the calculated energy consumption for Ventilation, lighting, pumps, PV cells, etc.?

Kindest regards, Lise