Our project will include a substantial (20+ KW) PV system. We are trying to determine what our options are related to the electrical unit cost ($/KWH) used to calculate savings under EAc1 and EAc2.

Assuming we use the local tariff (with separate demand and energy rates) in the PRM method whole building model, can we use a blended rate or are we limited to just using the same energy rate used in the model (basicly ignoring any demand savings)?

For EAc2, do we have the option of using either CBECS data or energy modeling results (under 2.2, CBECS was used only if there was not an energy model)? Using CBECS data will result in a different building energy use and energy unit costs than the energy model prepared for EAc1. If savings are calculated using the energy model prepared for EAc1, can the renewable energy savings be based on the blended electric unit cost for the proposed building, or the actual energy rate (without demand)?

The number of points earned under EAc2 vary widely based on the calculation method and unit cost used.

Thanks for any advise