We registered our school project (2 Buildings) as a Group Project under the LEED for School v2009 rating system.

The owner & operator are now talking about splitting the project into 2 phases
Phase 1 - Complete construction of the first building + half of the second building
Phase 2 - Construction of the remaining half of the second building

Phase 2 would be completed +/-2years after the Phase 1 completion (will make the LEED Certification a bit more complicated/longer... but still achievable).

My problem is that they recently came back to us stating the phases would be under 2 distinct construction contracts (which is completely against our recommendation). The owners is a semi-governmental authority and is only allowed to award construction contract up to a maximum price (and the 2 phases exceed that maximum). However, there is a great chance that they would awarded to the same contractor.

I found in the Group Project certification documentation that ''for design and construction projects, the buildings or spaces must be under the same construction contract''.

It looks pretty clear to me that going for a phasing group project with multiple construction contract would disqualify us from the LEED Certification... but I can't find any additional documentation to back this requirement in front of my client.

Also, what would be the situation if the project was a single building certification (not in a group project) to be constructed in 2 phases under 2 different construction contract? I could not find any mention of the ''must be under the same construction contract'' for the single project certification. Reading between the lines, my understanding is that a single building must be constructed under the same construction contract to be eligible for LEED Certification.

I am pretty sure I need the GBCI clarification on that, but your feedback would be much appreciated.