We have a question regarding the USGBC valid labels and certifications that allow to prove compliance with LEED VOC emission rate requirements. The list provided by the USGBC lists the UL “Greenguard Gold” label in the UL 2818 3/14/2014 standard version. However, we’ve received up to date UL “Greenguard Gold” certificates for several products in our project stating the UL 2818-2013 standard version. When consulting similar products  listed in the UL SPOT list we’ve noticed that they all only mention the UL 2818 - 2013 standard version and not the UL 2818 3/14/2014 standard version mentioned on the approved label and certificate list provided by the USGBC.

So, would UL Greenguard Gold certificates stating the 2818-2013 standard version be valid documents to prove compliance with LEED requirements for VOC emissions

Thank you in advance.