'Way back in 2013, there was an announcement of a joint GBCI/UL EPD program, from which some of my colleagues understand that UL Certified EPDs are automatically accepted from LEED v4. 

We often get EPDs bearing the UL Certified seal, and indicating that they were prepared per ISO 14025, but remaining silent on compliance with EN 15804 or ISO 21930, or only mentioning them in the "References" section. 

So does the UL Certified EPD seal automatically mean this is a LEED v4.1 acceptable EPD (assuming it's not out of date)?

If so, is this because UL's role is to determine if the proper PCR has been applied, and that's what EN 15804 and ISO 21930 address as well?

Or does this comply because UL is an “other USGBC approved environmental product declaration frameworks”?