The Guidance does not address how garages should be considered for single family and low-rise multifamily projects. I am working with a client on a 15-unit townhouse project.  All townhouses are 3-bedroom units. Each townhouse has a garage for 1 car on the ground level.  This is within the building envelope, but not within the conditioned space.  The key dimensions: 1734 GSF (includes envelope); Garage--354 NSF (dimensions from inside face of walls); Units--1,232 NSF (dimensions from inside face of walls of conditioned space, not including garage). For calculating the baseline, I am using the 3 BR baseline of 9,240 lb x 15 units = 138,600 lb.  But should I then also add the allowance for the garages?  That would be 354 sq.ft. x 4.2WF x 15 units = 22,302 lb. Then the total for the baseline would be 160,902.

Are garages considered to be within the conditioned space as far as Table 1A is concerned?  Do these allowances already assume the existence of a garage within the square footages in the table, so that garages do not need to be added when calculating the baselines for single family and/or townhouse units?  Or should the area of the garages be added to the baseline calculations?

Logically, it seems that for purposes of waste calculations, capturing the total gross square feet of conditioned and unconditioned space is the correct baseline, and that is what is done in the multifamily path, but it is not clear how this applies  to the single family/townhouse cases.  Clarification will be welcome!