The "What does it cost?" section of this credit says, "Note: the word “spaces” is new to LEED v4, and should ease credit compliance compared with LEED 2009, which covered “occupants” and made compliance for projects with large open office spaces very difficult," which seems to imply that an open office would be considered one individual occupant space. However, I do not believe this to be the case. The EQ Overview section of the Reference Guide lists "Open-office workstation" as an example of an individual occupant space, implying that each open office workstation still counts as a single "space" the same way that it did in v2009. Additionally, example 5 within the credit includes an "open library space with reference desks" which has been included as 6 spaces (2 with controls) - seemingly indicating that there are 6 reference desks within the single open library space and each has been included. Therefore, I believe the intent of this part of the credit remains the same and that note in the "What does it cost?" section is very misleading. Does anybody else read it this way?