Hi everyone! Im quite new at LEED so I would really appreciate your help. Im working with the Water Efficency Credit 3: Water use reduction form. So, there are two first options: In scope or Tenant Work. Im interested to know further on the "Tenant Work" one. Once inside this option, there are two new ones: Tenant Sales (or Lease Agreement) or Tenant Neutral.

So, here came my doubts:

1. If I choose the Tenant Sales option, is it okey to use the Indoor Water Reuction Calculator sheet (the same as In Scope option)? Or, there ir a specific documentation (or form) due to this option?

2. In respect to the Tenant Neutral option, I dont fully understand its purpose. What documentation is needed different that In Scope option? Is there any specific calculator sheets or forms for this option?

I understand that choosing Tenant Work, you acknowledge that the tenant will finish some aspects of the project scope. But dont fully know the difference between the two options inside and their actual implications (in project and for LEED certification).

Any help you can give me will be appreciated! Thanks!