I'm working on a project that has a Master Site and 2 buildings, Bldg A and Bldg B. Bldg A is scheduled to be finished and occupied 2 years before the Master Site and Bldg B are finished. From a response Below from Eric Anderson we cannot submit until the Master Site can be submitted. How does this work for our Bldg A if we cannot submit it within the 2 year Sunset Date? We can submit the design credits all at once but not the construction credits.

Eric Anderson
Technical Customer Service Specialist, GBCI
Nov 27 2012

"Yes. If each building is registered as a separate LEED project and you are using the Campus Credit (aka Master Site, or Part 1) approach, it is acceptable to submit the individual building projects at different times. However, please note that the Master Site project must be submitted before (or at the same time) as the first of the individual bldg projects that wish to utilize campus credits achieved in the Master Site project."