Can someone please confirm v4 BD+C projects can substitute ANY version of v4.1 credits? Numerous v4.1 beta guides have been issued, and some credits change substantially from beta guide to beta guide. I have a LEED v4 BD+C project registered November of 2020. Can I use the preq/credit requirements from the April 2019 beta guide just as easily as I can the beta guide issued in February 2021? The following language from the LEED website, reads this way to me, but I hoped to double-check with this forum. Thank you!

LEED v4.1 addenda update: November 2020

The goal is to make sure that teams have access to the best options for their project, so LEED v4.1 project teams have the option of using the newest content found in addenda or using the version that was current at the time of the project’s registration. Older versions of the credit language can be found in the USGBC resource library. Do you have a LEED 2009 or LEED v4 project that incorporates LEED v4.1 via credit substitutions? If so, you are free to use any version of the credit, the original LEED v4.1 credit or any version found in addenda.