I have registered 4 buildings separately under a Block. I would like to share credits. The Owner wants to know if the individual projects will lose the certification if the property is subdivided and sold?

1.) If this is the case, I had better not register as a ‘Group’ - right?

2.) Master Project is the "tool" I can use to save time and get the projects within the Block to coordinate; otherwise, just leaving it in the "Block stage" will not benefit me - right?

3.) Master Site - this is used to create a Group rather than a Campus (individual buildings within the same site and ownership, etc.), which would make the site certified instead of buildings - right?

4.) If the owner subdivides the property after certification, will the 4 buildings lose their certification?

5.) What about when they go to recertify? It is my understanding that just the prerequisites that have to be "proven" again-right?

6.) What is the difference between a Master Site and Block - benefits? With my situation of a potential property division and sale, which way do I go? Campus-right? Master Site registration doesn’t limit/hurt me – does it?

7.) One of the 4 buildings has a Data Center in 1/3 of it that is not separately metered - problem for Energy Star, as the Data must be separately metered from the rest of that building - right?

6.) The State of CA is considering removing the Data Center in a few months but won't commit either way -they just want the 4 buildings LEED EBOM by 2013. I cannot get an Energy Star rating without a meter so do I tell the owner to put one in, in the hopes they keep the Data Center or not register at all until the State decides what to do? As the parking lot, etc. is a shared space the rest of the buildings will have to wait until I put a meter in and wait another 12 months – right? At that time, I won't need it metered separately, so putting in a data meter will be a waste of time and money - right?

Thanks for your help!