Firstly, Tristan or Susan, if you guys think that I would be better served putting this comment under another credit, please let me know.. the building just happens to be a 2009 Healthcare project, so I figured I would start here.

As the subject indicates, I have a question with regards to what needs to be considered when designing and constructing an structurally independent garage that will serve a building seeking LEED certification.

In keeping with MPR 3, that "all contiguous land that directly supports normal building operations for the LEED project building", the parking garage for this project (which is integral to building operations) will be included in the LEED boundary. I am also aware, however, that as things currently stand, parking garages cannot receive their own LEED certifications.

Which leads to my question(s).

Assuming aforementioned garage is included in the LEED boundary for this project, which MPRs/credits/prerequisites need to be considered during its design and construction? We began to question this when considering SSc7.2, Heat Island Reduction, Roof. According to my research, in pursuing SSc7.1 Option 2, we do not need to use a specific concrete topper with a high SRI on the roof deck, we just do not include the spaces on the roof deck when calculating the 50%. However, if we are including the garage in the LEED site boundary, does the SRI of the roof deck need to be considered to be in compliance with SSc7.2? Or is only the roof of the building seeking certification considered?

As you can imagine, this opened a can of worms. We began to wonder where the cutoff point was for which credits are included and which are not when considering the garage. Do we include all the demo for the existing garage for MRc2? Do we include all the concrete and re-bar for MRc4? Beyond materials, do we include the square footage of imperviousness for Stormwater Management? Do we include lighting power density for EAc1?

Hopefully this can be answered pretty easily, and we've just been overthinking it. I just haven't worked on a project with a structurally independent garage (here in DC most of the projects I've worked on are tuckunder) so I am looking for a little guidance.

Thanks for your consideration!