The LEED 2009 BD+C Reference Guide clearly distinguishes recycling collection areas from the central recycling storage area, and describes the required access of each. Collection areas are to be located in regularly occupied spaces and must be accessible to both maintenance staff and building occupants. The central storage area must be accessible to waste haulers.

The LEED V4 Reference guide seems to use the terms "storage area" and "collection area" interchangeably and confuses the required access to each. The guide states "Provide dedicated areas accessible to waste haulers and building occupants for the collection and storage of recyclable materials for the entire building". It also states that "Storage areas should be easily accessible to building occupants, including visitors, full-time occupants, operations staff, and waste haulers".

It seems that the LEED V4 Reference Guide is stating that visitors and occupants should have access to the central storage area (typically located in the rear of the building, adjacent to loading docks). Will someone please clarify this?

Thank you