Our clients facility is exploring avenues to improve the site to comply with this credit, but is in a dense urban area (Oakland, Ca) and the landscaping on the site itself can not undertake any further improvement.

It is a small area (550 SF), planted optimally, using rainwater storage for irrigation, pervious pavers, etc. so the only other option we see available here is to expand the vegetation to the roof, or perhaps vertically along the walls. The roof area could be used for public space once vegetated, thereby complying with the intent of the credit, but there is no mention of this in the latest iteration of the reference guide.

My question is this: Does the expansion of additional vegetation on the roof and the installation of container plants qualify as site improvement? or is the credit more about the development of the plan itself than the actual recommended measures and eventual implementation?

This inquiry has been issues via Yammer as well, so I will repost a response once received on either platform.