OPTION 1. Non-Roof and Roof (2 Points)

In this reference per the Reference Guide the criteria given is an equation referencing a higher value of the three variables (Non-Roof, High Reflecting Roof and Vegetative Roof) equating above the total Site area of both paving and Roof area.


  • Though one of the easiest achievable credit; the client’s/ owner’s choice of roof materials color for this project at SRI 56 against the SRI 82 recommended value was in alignment to the company color coding rather than LEEDv4 technical requirements
  • On the other hand, the non-roof components ONLY (hard paved car park area, walkway paving at SR 0.33 or higher) meeting requirements and the resulting calculations per standard or weighted equations provides the values > Total Site Paving Area + Total Roof Area.


The concern or clarity being desired for SSc5 - Option 1, is to determine if in this context where the Roof component does not meet the required SRI value per LEED v4 requirement and regarded as zero, also no vegetative roof exists but the Non-roof component with SR value meeting requirements and calculation per equation being of greater value than the Total Site Paving Area + Total Roof Area applies...

Does this still qualify the credit at the maximum 2 points score…?!