Dear All,

I am doing Energy Model for Shopping Mall Project. Currently, I am working for Proposed Case. As per the design, the proposed system is 10 no of VRF with COP 3.8. VRF has connected with FCU (Indoor Unit). Apart from VRF & FCU, 3 FAHU installed in the roof and serving all the conditioned spaces. There is cooling coil in FAHU. Supply Air for FAHU 4572 LPS & Fresh Air of FAHU 4572 LPS. My Questions are as follows,

1. Why cooling coil provided in FAHU
2. Whether FAHU will used to remove heat of interior spaces.
3. If Q2 is YES. How to model the cooling coil capacity of FAHU. Becuase, one cooling coil only can be modelled in our software.
4. Whether temp of fresh air will be reduced before supplying it into Rooms. How ti check this

Please Help