What are we supposed to submit for the "Spring" and "Fall" conditions for the Thermal Comfort Tool for Upload IEQc7.1-2?

We have design setpoints for cooling and heating and easily identifiable clothing options for winter and summer. Will LEED accept the thermal comfort tool submissions if you only include the winter heating and summer cooling conditions or do they make you include something for Fall and Spring, since it is an option on the thermal comfort tool?

For fall and spring, if you have to fill them out, would you use heating and cooling conditions or would you need to fill out both? It seems like some days would be in heating and some would be in cooling. Also, people's clothing will change depending on the weather, which will be different the first day of fall and the last.

It seems to me like we design for peaks and if we satisfy the summer and winter conditions, the spring and fall should also be comfortable. What is LEEDs take on this? Do we just need to make up numbers for spring and fall and can we just submit the winter and summer peak conditions?