Hello Everyone,


The proposed Datacenter building is intended to achieve LEED certification under LEED v4.1 BD+C Rating system - Datacenter

We are doing energy model for Datacenter. The building won’t obtain power/electricity from utility provider due to remote location from the main utility grid. However, there is a solar PV Farm adjacent to our project site. So, the Datacenter will be connected directly to this farm which means 100% of Datacenter’s energy will be renewable (net zero). Also note that, the 1st phase of solar farm was already completed 5 years ago, but expansion  of this farm is still progressing (i.e. the solar energy generation capacity is being expanded gradually over various phases).

We need your suggestions on the following,

  1. Can we consider this farm as Tier 2: New off-site renewable energy? (Because, the development and expansion of farm is still progressing)
  2. If Yes for Q1, what are the documents required from owner of solar farm?
  3. If No for Q1,  Can consider purchase agreement as an equivalent to Green-e Energy certification to get all the points under EA Optimize Energy Performance using LI10488 & all the points under EA Renewable Energy?
  4. As per LI10488, 7% of Cost saving or GHG Emissions saving is mandatory. Is this still applicable for this building?