Dear all,
We are modeling a hospital building which is served by two 800kW CHP systems. The CHP systems are dedicated to this building only, i.e. Case 1 (same ownership, inside building) in the Reference Guide. The Reference Guide says that we should either simulate the system or do manual post-processing to calculate the hourly CHP performance. In our simulation tool (EnergyPlus), we cannot model the CHP directly. So, we have two questions regarding the two options recommended by the guide;
1. Since we cannot model the CHP directly, should we model the CHP following the calculation methodology in DES Guidance Appendix D?
2. Our second option is modeling the CHP in another tool (EnergyPro) and inserting the hourly performance results in the Exceptional Calculation Methodology section. Does this comply with ‘manual post-processing’?
Thanks in advance.