“ The project (a private factory) is seeking to fulfill the credit requirement of the credit SS Credit 4.1 – Alternative Transportation – Public Transportation access) . The owner company decided to establish a private shuttles that will pass by the nearest bus transportation station. Unfortunately, It was found that there will be only 1 operating Line bus near the project at the date of the project operation. Knowing that the intent of the credit is to reduce the use of private cars, the owner company decided to establish dedicated private shuttles that will make sure to pick-up all employees from their home to the Factory/ passing through the nearby bus station. By this means, more than 75% of the employees will not need to come by their private cars to the work every day. Can this be an alternative path to fulfil the credit requirements knowing that in few months/ or years of occupancy several others public transportation stations ( bus / rail stations) already planned will be established and operated.”