Hi everyone,

We have a student housing project that is located within a university campus which has shared parking with the rest of the campus. There are some existing EV charging stations on campus. 

1. EVSE do not have location requirements.

a. Can we use existing EV charging stations (which meet the technical requirements and not already designated to a LEED project) towards the credit? If we do this, will the spaces be reserved for the building occupant's use only, even if it is far away from the building?

b. If we provide new EVSE charging stations, do they have to be located near the project building? 

2. Page 56 of the reference guide under "Total Vehicle Parking Capacity" states, "if parking spaces are shared among two or more buildings ("pooled" parking"), determine the share of this parking allocated to the project. Include this number of spaces in the total parking capacity and provide rational for the parking distribution if necessary." 

What is an acceptable way to determine the share of parking allocated to the project?

a. Do I ask the owner to guess and provide a narrative explaining rational?

b. (project building area / total campus building area) x total no. campus parking spaces

c. (project occupancy/ total campus occupancy) x total no. campus parking spaces

d. other?

3. Do preferred parking spaces, EVSE , (and carpool spaces) have to be reserved for use by the project building occupant's use only? 

thank you for your time!