Dear all,
I have a case where I need to know if I should model separate Pantry zone in Both Basecase and Proposed Case, or in Basecase only?

I have an office building with one System 8 per floor in Basecase. and one AHU with multiple VAVs in proposed case. Each floor has one FCU for its pantry zone in the proposed case.

I need to know if I have to model this pantry separately in the proposed case only, in both proposed case and basecase (with a system 4 in Basecase), or I can neglect this zone and assume it follows the rest of the floor as it is only?

Another question is: on the basement floor I have 4 zones (entrance lobby, driver room, UPS room, and Prayer room) each is served by one FCU in the proposed case. Can I gather these four spaces as one (System 4) in Basecase, and one FCU in the proposed case? or they should be separated into 4 zones (thermal blocks)?