If I could get some clarification on this section it would be a huge help!

Total project space load (heating and cooling): Is this the sum of all seperate max space loads or is this the load of the entire project when incorporating diversity in exposure and occupancy?

Total project space equipment capacity (heating & cooling): We are only installing terminal units with either hot water or electric coils. Will this total capacity account for the sum of all maximum scheduled airflows and water flows for each equipment or will it be what the base building system would be able to provide at maxmimum?

Total tenant space fan & pump sizing: Again, would I add up the total fan powered box fan sizes? The minumum ECM motor size is 1/3 hp but that is much larger than is really used in most cases. The only pumps are HW, CHW, CW owned by base building, will these be exlcuded from the calculation?

This whole section is confusing because of what is owned by the tenant and what is owned by the base building. In a normal project, would the space loads and equipment capacities be equal? Or would the equipment capacities be around 80% of the space loads? I'm not sure what I should be calculating for this point given that we are using a lot of base building systems.

Thank You!