We have a project in the city of Mexico, the parking is underground with a very special feature, it is robotic, the user will place it in the basement 1 on a platform and from there the robot takes care of the vertical and horizontal movements to have the better location

The environmental benefits are as follows:

The robot's engines are highly efficient in compliance with ASHRAE 90.1-2010 standards, it will have a mechanical backup ventilation to comply with the changes of fresh air if necessary, it will have a saving of 80% of lighting because the robot does not require 100% illumination, the paints of the metal structure comply with the number of voices.

The objective of the robot is that users obtain the car in the shortest possible time, benefiting carbon dioxide reduction due to the combustion of cars.

Our client is completely committed to LEED and is in time to make some modification in the project, to obtain the 5 points

We need to know how we can document the credit and get the 5 points, can you please help us?