Ok, I've discovered a new problem...
I've had several projects go through GBCI reviews and receive comments back since this form update happened. For several credits/prereqs, the comments coming back are requiring items that are used in the new forms, but not the ones that are actually on the website. These projects I'm referring to were already registered before the form updates, and already had the credits attempted; they, therefore, have the previous versions of the forms in use, NOT the updated ones.

One example is for the water use reduction prereq/credit. The forms were filled out correctly, in the same manner that they always have been. The comment returned states:
"The floor plans in PIf4: Schedule and Overview Documents indicate that the project includes two unisex restrooms that do not contain urinals. The calculations in the form automatically assume that 100% of male occupants will use restrooms that contain urinals. If a percentage of male occupants will not have access to or will not be expected to use restrooms with urinals, the default Total Daily Uses for water closets and urinals must be adjusted in the form accordingly. Provide a narrative and supporting daily use calculations to explain the anticipated urinal usage. Revise the form to ensure that the Total Daily Uses column for the water closets and urinals has been modified appropriately."

We've never received this comment in other reviews before, but have received it at least twice just in the last two months. I know the new version of the form has the offline calculator that you must fill out (rather than directly on the form, like before), and that calculator has a designated line item that directly calculates specific urinal use for the males. Before this newest version, however, it was not called out or calculated in this manner. Yes, we previously (and still) have a line item in the flush fixture table for urinals, and it is linked appropriately to the user groups with the male/female ratios. But we did not previously get this review comment in any of my projects before, and have been documenting these items in the same, reliable fashion for years.

Are the reviewers now knowingly requiring documentation after the fact that the teams don't even know exist for projects that do not have the updated forms?
What gives?