Maybe this is old news, but I just discovered it, so maybe others haven't yet.
The summary review comments usually come in a nearly illegible no-formatting-in-sight spreadsheet--which has been a headache for our project teams. In LOv3 there are formatted and legible review comments attached to each credit under the "Overview" "Review Snapshot" page. From here you can see all of the review comments by credit (this would be even better if the credits were in order, but this is such an improvement it almost doesn't even matter). You can click to expand each credit which reveals PDFs of the credit form, all uploads associated with that credit, and an html version of the review comments for that credit.
Further making my day, there is also a "download all" button, this means you can now download your entire design (or construction, I assume) review (forms, uploads, and comments) in one fell swoop. This is a super time saver! Now you can just let it download in the background while you do other things, previously you would need to download each form and upload separately.