Hello all,

I'm working on a retail fit-up project that will be in an existing building, but the interior is basically stripped down to the (metal) studs. Additionally, a new mostly glass corner is being proposed (<10% of the entire envelope) as a visual feature (not an entrance), plus clerestory windows on the roof for daylight penetration, and some new rooftop mechanical equipment that the landlord is installing (we may be able to claim it, not sure). Not sure yet if we'll be adding any insulation to the walls or roof, but if we do, likely only in some areas, not comprehensively.

It's an urban site, so no landscaping. Not sure how we're claiming parking/transportation yet.

I haven't yet worked on a retail fit-up project yet, so I'm seeking advice about both which rating system to use- BD+C or ID+C, as well as which version of either. Nearly all of my experience is with NC/major renovations, non-retail.

Right now I'm leaning toward BD+C Retail v4, but seeking any and all recommendations.

Thank you!!