I've read all the comments here, but I'm still at a loss. I have a 3-building campus project in which one building is LEED CI and the others are LEED NC. The LEED CI building just had a huge change of project scope in which the restrooms (among other areas) are now not being touched. Our MEP engineer advised we are exempt from the WE prerequisite because restrooms are not in the scope of work, but I am not so confident.

Our LEED project boundary currently includes the entire building and a piece of the surrounding site, such that all three buildings' project boundaries combined comprise the LEED Campus Boundary/Master Site. Possibly I can alter the boundary such that the restrooms are excluded, but the restrooms are in the tenant space as the entire building is owner occupied. Can someone please advise whether this project is now ineligible for LEED certification by not renovating the restrooms, or can we get around WE Prereq. 1 compliance by some means?