We are working on a historic office building project for LEED New Const. & Major Renovation, and we have restrooms on each floor which are used slowly by the employees. A restroom has multiple WC's and urinals.

Do these restrooms count as Private or Public restrooms?

According to the description we can't decide surely:

Toilets—public D Rate is per water closet and/or urinal. Provide the higher rate where periods of heavy use are expected to occur, e.g., toilets in theatres, schools, and sports facilities. The lower
rate may be used otherwise. 25/35 L/s-unit
Toilets—private E Rate is for a toilet room intended to be occupied by one person at a time. For continuous system operation during normal hours of use, the lower rate may be used. Otherwise
use the higher rate. 12.5/25 L/s-unit

Thank You in advance!