Hi all,
We have a question about LEED boundary calculation as below:

In order to save the land, our company has set up a shared parking lot in the area, so this project does not have new parking spaces. The parking lots, which we call it “Traffic Center” is built for the whole surrounding building, including this project. The traffic center is located at the northwest of the project site. Both traffic center and the LEED Project are belong to the same owner.Our project team also have permission to use these parking lots.Traffic Center are not calculated into the LEED boundary.

1. can traffic center not within the LEED boundary?

2. Total building area (All Floors) is about 18442m2=198436sf including 52m2=560sf office area and 18390m2=197876sf commercial area. According to the regulation of Malaysia, they have two ways to calculate the parking lots. One is only as commercial building, another is mixed office and commercial center, which one can we use? and there are about 2000m2=21000sf reception room and VIP room in the third floor, can it calculate into the office area?

Thanks for any advice!