In preliminary design review, we had attempted the Brownfields point, which is an option in SSc1.2.1, as well as 4 other points in that credit. The reviewer responded that we needed to show a remediation program for the whole building, not just the LEED TI project (about 17% of the building). At the time we could not provide that without an extraordinary effort, so we had no response.
The final comment was "Option 2 - Path 1: Brownfield Redevelopment: No additional information has been provided. The documentation does not demonstrate compliance.
One point is denied."
The other 4 points for the credit were awarded.

Now we find that we are unexpectedly close to Platinum, and the owner is creating a remediation program for the entire building, which would have to happen sooner or later (building owner is a government entity).
Were this an independent point we would have just withdrawn after the prelim and tried again in construction review, but with it being buried inside of SSc1, how would we proceed?

Is this even possible?