we are working in a project pursuing LEED certification (NC v2009).

The owner wants to achieve the Platinum Level and that implies an area of PVs larger than the area available at the rooftop of the building.

This new building will be built in a site that belongs to the same owner. This site comprises several existing buildings (not included in the new building LEED boundary). Two questions:

  1. Is it possible to use the roof top of one of these existing building to install some of the PV’s needed for the LEED platinum of the new building ?
  2. Local legislation allows the connection of PV panels to the national electricity grid. Thus, if PV panels production is higher than the building demand (e.g, during Sundays), the production of the PV panels is not wasted (it is sold to the grid). Can this revenue be accounted in energy performance credit (subtracted to annual energy cost of the proposed building) ?