We are modeling a building connected to a DES and we decided to follow Option1 - Path1 for energy modelling. The building under certification is provided with a dedicated PV plant that is not connected to the DES

The project team wish to apply for the renewable energy production credit. Our interpretation is as follows, please tell us if it is correct or not.

Since the PV plant is not connected to the DES, DES Project Type variations don't apply to our project (i.e. example 3 reported on LEED manual). Therefore, the % of renewable energy can be calculated with the basic equation reported in example 1, that is the ratio between "Equivalent cost of usable energy produced by the renewable energy system" and "Total building annual energy cost". Where the "Total building annual energy cost" is: (District Hot Water consumption x District Hot Water rate) + (District Cooling consumption x District Cooling rate) + (Electricity consumption x Electricity rate).

Thank you, Lisa