I have a doubt regarding the need to ventilate refrigerated warehouses or storage rooms.

As per Addenda L of ASHRAE 62.1 - 2010, refrigerated strorage rooms with a cooling setpoint below 50ºF need to be ventilated. However, LEED interpretation #10423 states that it is not required to ventilate refrigerated storage rooms with a setpoint of 32ºF (0ºC) or lower.

There is also a doubt regarding the space's type as some of them may qualify as "Inactive Storages" as per definition 4 of IEQ Space Matrix.

1) Is it necessary to ventilated a refrigerated storage room below 32ºF (0ºC)?

2) There are 2 types of refrigerated rooms: refrigerated storage rooms used for storage purposes only (occupancy occurs daily, less than 15 min at a time and for retrieval purposes) and refrigerated rooms intended for both storaging purposes and for human activity (may be occupied for more than 15 min at a time for a given person). May any of these types be excluded from ventilation? My opinion is that only those inteded for human activity should be ventilated.

Thanks in advance!