Could anyone help me verfify if the following understandig is correct? Tks!

"According to the LEED Reference Guide for Building Design and Construction, LEED v4, Edition August 2020, non-U.S. projects can purchase unbundled RECs from outside the country in which the construction is located, in order to comply with LEED’s requirements for EA CREDIT: GREEN POWER CARBON OFFSETS (NC). Those RECs must be Green-e certified (or equivalent). However, Green-e has only issued standards in North America, Chile, Singapore, and Taiwan; on the other hand, LEED has considered European and Brazilian certifications as equivalent to Green-e for the purposes of LEED v4 BD+C. That said, projects outside the U.S. seeking LEED certification could purchase Green-e RECs from either the U.S., Canada, Chile, Singapore, Taiwan, or Green-e equivalent RECs from Europe or Brazil, to be awarded points under EA CREDIT: GREEN POWER CARBON OFFSETS (NC)".