Hello!  The project I am working on is a full renovation of a historic building on a University campus.  The building has three wings connected by "hyphens" to effectively form an "E" shaped building with two courtyards between the wings.  The University is currently working on a LEED campus plan that we anticipate will include the two courtyards.  As such, site work pertaining to these courtyards has been removed from our project scope and the only other site work pertains to new utility installation and routing to and from said utilities.  On a building such as this, would drawing a site outline around the building's "E" foot print be considered "gerrymandering" or is it better to document the courtyards now and hope that they will not be flagged in the campus LEED Certification process?  Would documenting now and then again for the campus plan be considered double dipping for LEED?