I am reviewing the benefit of generating EPDs for our pre-blended mortar and grout products and the challenge is the guidance via the new rules of LEED v4.

Our products were considered assemblies of products in previous versions of LEED. But it is a little more grey when developing EPD's and complying with the MR Category with assemblies. If I used the previous guidance our LEED form would list 3 products (ie: cement, lime, and mason sand for mortars). [As a side note Cement and Lime manufacturers, which utilize a lot of energy to produce their products, may very well comply with Option 2, as they produce verified sustainability reports annually which tracks greenhouse gases. ]

Now the question is if I we generate finished product specific EPD's, do we still list the components of the assembly and the finished product? In this case how would customers apply the costs for the assembly products (portland, lime and sand) and the finished product (mortar)?
Do I simply list the finished product and the supporting EPD?