We manufacture coating and adhesive products. Determining the point of extraction/harvest of our raw materials is becoming more and more difficult to "trace".

We may use anywhere from 10-20 raw materials in a specific formulation. Then, some of the raw mateirals we purchase may contain 10+ ingredients or raw materials in "that" product.

For an example, I'll use the following:

RM 1: Acrylic Emulsion

We may purchase" this emulsion from a company who "manufacturers" the acrylic emulsion in Chicago - but we have no idea where "their" raw materials are actually "extracted" from (that are used to manufacture the acrylic emulsion).

Do we report the "extraction/harvest" location as "Chicago" - or do we need to break THEIR product down into each of "their" raw material "extraction locations"?

Thanks in advance for any help with this one...