Dear Srs, I hace a question about the ratio windows/walls in leed v4.1. Is for a building with two differents uses: 3.117 m2 of office and 13.472m2 of warehouse.

When we had modeled the windows of the proposed, we use the project details, perfect. The % of windows/walls  are 2% for warehouse and 32,4% for office. A 9,6% total for the proposed building.

This is our first project with the ashrae 90.1-2016, and we had read the TAble G3.1.5.d that adress you to the table Table G3.1.1-1 to use a ratio windows/walls different for each use. 

The Table marks 31% for office (465-4.650m2) and 6% for warehouse. I didn't found anyway that said you need to use the mininum of the two values (as the 2010 version). Then we use 31% and 6% for the baseline model, for a 12,3% fot whole baseline building.

I think this is a correct for the building with the ASHRAE 2016 version. with different % for the two buildings.

Now the LEED revision, ask us to use the minimum value beetween 40% ratio window/wall or the proposed value... as the 2010 version.

Which is the correct value for the LEED v4.1?