Dear all
I am hesitating whether the following project could obtain a CI certificate for the entire building:
-existing office building
-one entity owns the entire building
-interior works will be carried out for a new tenant occupying 65%GFA
-the remaining 40% GFA remain untouched and is currently occupied by other tenants

According to the 40/60 rule of thumb in the Rating System Selection Guide, the project would qualify for CI and the certificate would be granted to the entire building.

I am however not sure how to understand the wording on page 8 Ádditional Application Guidance´:

Maximum amount of work for interiors projects
If both the following two statements describe the project, then a whole building rating system, with the exception of LEED for Commercial Interiors or LEED for Retail: Commercial Interiors, should be used.
1) the entity conducting the work leases OR owns and controls 90% or more of the building that the space is located in (YES)
2)the same entity is conducting new construction or major renovation in 40% or more of the gross floor area of the building (NO)

..what I do not understand is how the CI, being mentioend as an exception, is treated in this case?

The the area of the new tenant could be CI certified is clear. My question is, wether I can perform works on 60% GFA (meeting prerequisite on 100%) and then still label the entire buildilng as CI certified.

I very much would apreciate your answer on this one.
best regards