Our project consists of a building in a waste water treatment plan (WWTP) facility. Next to our building, but within the LEED boundary, is a constructed wetland which is designed to improve quality of the water it receives from the WWTP and the rain water collected from our building. The water moves through the swales in the wetlands as the plants/landscape within cleans/improves the water quality. Some portion of the water will percolate but majority of it will drain into an adjacent natural canal. The canal eventually drains into a Lake. This strategy has been established owning to the drying of the lake and the need for it to be artificially replenished to preserve it and the habitat within and surrounding it. Therefore 100% of rainwater which falls on the site will be used to naturally restore hydrology of the site and the nearby area and thereby meeting the credit intent of not burdening the stormwater system and improving water quality. Does this approach meet the credit requirements?