I have been in conversations with a carpet supplier that indicates that their carpet meets the CRI Green label plus, and will thus meet the requirements for IEQc4.3. Also, I have seen some documentation to back up this claim. However, the project team and I like to avoid the use of PVC as much as practicable. (I am sure that many people here are aware of the Living Building Challenge "Red List" - PVC is on this list). As such, it does not "feel" right to be using carpet with PVC in it. It is nice to make sure you are meet the broad based "intents" of LEED, even when your simply being paid to meet the credit specifcs. Has anyone else here been in a similar quandary, and how did you handle it? Maybe there is a loophole in this credit, or maybe I have an unreasonable bias against PVC. What is the experience of others here? Has anyone been "burned" by a carpet that they thought would keep them in compliance for this credit but did not work out?