The proposed Datacenter building is intended to achieve LEED certification under LEED v4.1 BD+C Rating system – Datacenter.

We are doing energy model to optimize the cost savings & GHG Emission savings.

The proposed data center going to develop adjacent to the existing Solar PV farm. The Solar PV farm is developed by utility provider and the proposed data center owned by subsidiary company of same Utility Provider.

The solar energy connected to on-grid system, then the energy supplied to this proposed building. The renewable energy from solar PV farm will be directly connected to  grid without battery backup, hence while the renewable energy is not available (i.e. night hours, winter season & rainy season), the electricity from normal source may supply the proposed building demand.

  1. In this case, how we can claim savings? We need your suggestion to correctly estimate/document the energy savings.
  2. What are the documents or details must be submitted to LEED Reviewer?