Our team is pursuing this credit for a museum/art galleries building. I´ve been checking the IAQ matrix and if I am strict, we should forget this credit. However, I´ve been reading some comments of this forum and I really don´t know/understand the specific scope of this credit just for this project.

We do have thermal control in the most of the places that are occupied for FTEs, but are these controls, indeed, necessary in the main art galleries (galleries with up to more 700 people with visit average time of maybe less than an hour)?
We also have a quite small auditorium (300 seats) that could be use once per week (even less).......

Trying to put myself in USGBC´s place, I would understand that the scope is not that 700 people handle the thermal controls (the same for audience in a concert.....). Could anyone help me to know the occupants who are in the scope of this credit?
(1 Auditorium)
(1 common office space with a personal office)
(4 classrooms to develop different activities by the client)
(2 art galleries
(a common space for the shop and bar/restaurant)

Thanks a lot!!