I am hoping that I can get some advice on the following scenario:

There is a campus of multi family residential housing buildings (say 5 for calculations sake), all owned by the same Property Manager, and there is an Administrative office for the Property Manager in 1 of the 5 buildings. This Adminstrative office makes all the purchases for the 5 buildings, and is the only physical space where things like ongoing consumables, furniture, food, etc are purchased and controlled by the Property Manager, since these items are associated with office usage.

Would it be feasible to allocate a percentage of these types of office purchases to each of the 5 buildings (i.e. 20% of the purchase value for each building or some percentage based on square footage of each building) for LEED EB documentation purposes? Or would it only fly if you use the office space purchases for the LEED documentation of the 1 building the office resides in (i.e. the other 4 buildings would not be able to claim any portion of these purchases because the office is physically outside of the LEED boundary for each of the 4 buildings)?

It seems strange that in a campus setting, you wouldn't be able to somehow get credit for office purchases made by the admin office (which serves all the buildings on the campus), but this is the idea we have gotten from all the LEED language we have seen to date.

Thanks for your feedback on this.