We are trying to respond to Prelim. Design review comments on a LEED-HC v2009 project for an Inpatient Hospice and Palliative Care facility.

We're being required to "provide a dedicated area for the collection and storage of mercury-containing products and devices as required. Provide a revised recycling plan that includes appropriately sized dedicated areas for the collection and storage of applicable mercury-containing products and devices, including lamps (such as linear fluorescent, pin-based compact fluorescent, integrally and non-integrally ballasted compact fluorescent, and high-intensity discharged lamps) and dental wastes (such as scrap amalgam, chair-side traps, and separator wastes)."

This facility is owned and run by a major hospital institution/state agency, and they have policies for mercury-free environments (which we submitted.) We clearly stated in our submission that this is not a dental facility and that all lighting in the building is LED (backed up by a lighting fixture schedule.)

I am unsure of how better to communicate that we do not need to design and provide space and a means to collect mercury-containing products. Any input on this would be appreciated.