I am working on a project with 8 mid-rise buildings, each of them targetting LEED Platinum under New Construction (NC)- Version 4.  However, during construction, one of the buildings has been modified to Core and Shell (CS) type. As the project was already registered under LEED NC in the design phase and around 40 + credits were accepted in the design review, is it possible to modify the certification program from NC to CS or the current registration has to be cancelled and a new registration under CS has to be done. Kindly provide your feedback as the re-registration will have commercial variations and also will extend the certification time. 

Our desired path will be- USGBC revise the certification program from NC to CS without or with nominal fees, and we will go for a combined design + construction submission towards the end of construction phase. Is it possible?

Best Regards

Alokmay B