I have a project that just completed the IP credit requirements before the end of SD, and now finds itself likely needing to relocate to a different site. The proposed new site is about 10 miles away from the old site.The lessons learned and design strategies evaluated during the integrative process will be translated to the new site as much as possible, but obviously somethings will be different. 

The project plans to use the lessons learned from the integrative process discovery phase LEED credit work, update the items that change, but not go through a formal research, workshop, etc process again. The items that change will be addressed as part of other design updates and team meetings. To my understanding, this meets the credit requirements and also the intent, as the integrative process is meant to be cyclical and allow for changes and evolution in the design.

So to my question - due to a possible new site, is a whole new integrative process discovery phase effort required to achieve the LEED IP credit? Or has the project meant the credit requirements, and is therefore "good" in a pure credit achievement sense. 

Thank you!