Dear all,

I'm wondering what certification approach I can propose for a poduction site consisting of 3 construction phases (like building extensions over different period of time):
phase 1 was built about 10 years ago and got LEED silver v2.2;
phase 2 was built about 5 years ago and the application for LEED silver v3 was stopped (because of lack of Fundamental Commissioning / assigned Commissioner Authority, lack of proper design documentation, lack of finalized energy model, undocumented design changes on site and lack of LEED construction recordings on site);
phase 3: going to be build, and it's again aiming LEED, but this certification would need to be for all phases.

So what is a approperiate approach, leed system and scheme for this situation? Phase 1&2 are together 55000 sqm and phase 3 will be 25000 sqm. All to be working as one single building with warehoises, storage and offices in it. I appreciate your quick feedback on this many thanks in advance.