Apologies for posting on two credits but Scott Bowman rightfully suggested I re-post here.
Regarding an ice cream manufacturing facility where we are managing the Cx process I have two queries related to HVAC:
We have been integrating with the refrigeration (mostly process but supplying chilled water to HVAC via a heat exchanger) plant's commissioning process and getting that up to standard after all. I have now received the ASHRAE 90.1 mandatory provisions forms back for this equipment and it seems as though some of the compressors/chillers IPLV efficiency is lower than required. However most of them are better than required and the total refrigeration plant (weighted average of the efficiencies) is better than the required value. Will this be acceptable and can we have the designer on record complete the form for one average plant?
- the process area, substation and utility room are intended for continuous operation and thus so is the HVAC system serving these spaces (besides shutdown minimal preventative/scheduled maintenance of the HVAC system). I note that ASHRAE 90.1-2007 calls for motorised dampers (and in the case of this max 2 story building, allows gravity dampers) § and § The former exempts the dampers for unconditioned spaces but the latter does not have this exclusion (whilst ASHRAE 90.1-2010 does have an exemption for ) and neither have exemptions for manufacturing spaces that run effectively continuously. Do you have guidance on both the need for gravity dampers in this situation for unconditioned spaces as well as continuously operating spaces/systems (they are not always the same)